31 Jan 2015

The three-piece heavy Cheviot Tweed suit from Bespoke Tailors Thos. Dowell & Sons

Looking for a location to present my three-piece heavy cheviot tweed suit from bespoke tailors Thos. Dowell & Sons I went to the nearby local equivalent to the Hundred Acre Wood.
The suit is quite versatile; equally suitable for a walk in the forest and by the river as today, a visit to the local public house for a pint of beer; and pursuits in an about a country house. On a Friday I would also sometimes wear this suit to the office.
The suit is neatly made; hand sewn button holes; the right attention to making the lapels, trouser cuffs cut for high wrist etc. The Cheviot tweed is in a herringbone weave; colour is a varm olive with windowpane checks in burnt orange.  
Today I am wearing a double cuffed light blue shirt from Stenström's; a green medallion printed wool tie from Hackett London; a wool/silk pocket square from Drake's London; dark brown unlined leather gloves from Dents; dark brown brogue boots from Tricker's and my beloved flat cap with the suit.
I also brought my Barbour Border jacket as the weather was quite chilly.

In the outskirts of the woods
The middle button fastening matches my natural waistline

Long single vent. I especially like the waistline and the shoulders

The suit looks great with the chunky boots, but also with my leaner brogue shoes.
Brogue shoes and brown/fawn spats I imagine would look absolutely superiour...  

High ground view over the river

Walking through the Hundred Acre Wood wearing my Barbour Border Jacket over the suit

In the shadows the ice and hoarfrost remained

Details from the waist coat

Details from the trousers; the small waistline pocket; the button side adjusters; the double inward pleats

The name of the Gentleman who commisioned the suit is faded away... the suit is presumably from the mid-80s

Hand sewn buttonholes

The persistent reader would notice that this is the suit that I altered in August last year. You are welcome to have a look at the post I made on that occasion: Altering-bespoke-tweed-suit

Working concentrated on the right sleeve. The left sleeve is already attached with crude stitches.

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