17 Jan 2015

Vintage Houndstooth Tweed Plus-fours from Hackett London

In December I bought a pair of vintage Houndstooth Tweed plus-fours; the cut and the quality of the tweed really amazes me as the garment is from a 1980s high street store.
The trousers are made for pursuits in the countryside - not just for looking good; the comfortable fishtail back; the warm and stout fabric; and the beautiful nature-like brown and green hues. 
The plus-fours must be from the first years of Hackett London making their own collection of clothes - until then Jeremy Hackett and his business partner Ashley Lloyd-Jennings sold refurbished vintage gentlemen's clothing. 
As I described in a previous post (Plus-fours and Norfolk jacket) the plus-fours are a natural match to the Norfolk jacket. Today I combined a tweed bow tie, a Fair Isle knit, green shooting socks and the Norfolk with my plus-fours. Perfect for a cold January day in the country side.   

Fishtail, brace buttons, button fly - just perfect
I enjoy the look of fishtailed trousers and find them very comfortable

Double (inward) pleated

Just returned from a walk in the countryside. 

A view from today's walk: the ancient landscape surrounding an enormous Bronze-age tumulus or barrow near "Mariager" fiord.

Beautiful colours


  1. Sir, wonderful as ever.. I have a pair of Hackett plus firs exactly the same cut.. (although mine are a windowpane check tweed). The cute and feel of them is wonderful..

    1. What a coincidence?! did you acquire your plus-fours from Hackett store? and how long time ago? You re-store my faith in mankind if you tell me that High Street retailers still carry out such a cut and quality