30 Mar 2015

Morning suit, white spats and grey kid leather gloves

Yesterday my wife and I attended the Christening Party of our niece Rosa. The invitation made no mention of dress-code - like most invitations for events with our family and friends.
I of course saw this as yet an opportunity to dust of the old topper and the sponge-bag trousers (a semi attempt to quote Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster).
This time I chose my black morning suit coat; the cashmere striped trousers; the 1920s striped pop society waistcoat; a cutaway collar Stenström's shirt; a red Antonio Muro medaillon printed silk tie; black captoe Oxford shoes; white spats; and grey kid leather gloves.

I truly enjoy wearing my 1930s morning coat . The boutonnière flower is a smaller version of a white carnation

A picture taken at the hotel early in the morning prior to the ceremony in the church

My lovely little niece Rosa in the center of attention - she already changed clothes to get out of the traditional long white dress she wore to church

In the car back to home my wife and I shared thoughts on the attire worn at such parties now-a-days.
A common thought was that if people do not want to wear their finest at such an occasion as a Child Christening, a Wedding or any other significant event in the lives of our dearest when - if ever - would they? which we both thought a little sad.
In regards to thoughts about how the couple hosting the party would take it if you were "over-dressed" compared to them my proposition is that if a host attempts to dress according to tradition you should not show up in a morning suit if he wears a beautiful lounge suit with boutonnière etc. 
But if he made no attempts to dress otherwise than on a normal day I think he or she lose the right to feel insulted.
Another part of the full picture is that if your regular standards are tailor-made three-piece suits no friends and family raise the eye-brow when you show up in a morning suit - then it is just an expected next step up.  

Vintage grey kid leather gloves

Vintage white spats from Gentleman's Outfitter: Whitetie at Ebay

Cashmere stripes, white spats and black polished shoes - I love the look

A service announcement: if you are to attend a party early in the morning in a foreign city or in a village were no Eliza Doolittles are in sight a good idea is to buy a potted plant with e.g. small carnations; this way you will be able to sport a fresh and delicate flower in your boutonnière. 

I will plant this in the garden and for a while ensure stable deliveries of carnations

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Morning Suit at a Child Christening Party
007 in morning suit; grey gloves and grey topper

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