6 Apr 2015

A sky-blue Tussah silk tie from Drake’s London

Last year I had the Mantra: "Every month buy something from Drake's London"; the design, craftmanship and quality of the broad range of exquisite articles are indisputably good.
I have first hand experience with their Shantung and Tussah silk ties; bow ties; woolen, knitted cardigans; their pocket squares; and their OTC socks.
The quality and design never lets me down.
I did not buy something from Drake's every month, though; tempted as I was. But the exquisite trimmings are a tad lavishly priced to frequent the store that often.  

Once in a while you should have a look at the excellent ties from Drake's at the London based online retailer Exquisite Trimmings.
Shaya Green from Exquisite Trimmings have a grand selection of Gentleman's wardrobe staples and often at a good price.
At this Bank Holiday sale at Exquisite Trimmings I took home a wardrobe staple: a sky-blue Tussah silk tie from Drake's London. An excellent choice for Spring/Summer...

Shades of blue; linen-cotton DB jacket from Suit-supply; light blue double-cuffed shirt from Stenström's

Beautiful texture to the weave

Handrolled in London

Gift box from Exquiste Trimmings

My "collection" of Tussah silk ties from Drake's London

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Coffee Tussah silk tie

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