22 Apr 2015

The 1930s tweed kilt jacket - by tailor William Kinloch Anderson

My 1930s green tweed kilt jacket is perfect for a bicycle ride in the Spring: the short length with a cut away front and high cut armholes allow free movement and the narrow sleeves are highly aerodynamic.
I had a grand tour on my bicycle this afternoon in the lovely 17 degree Celsius sunny weather.

Light blue shirt, coffee Tussah silk tie, tan plus-fours, argyle socks and a khaki linen baker boy cap

Double vented back

The vintage tweed jacket is well-made indeed with lovely shaped shoulders, handmade button holes and highly detailed stitching. 
Being more than 80 years old the fabric is surprisingly soft and with vivid colours; but tear and wear also resulted in a few holes that need to be over-darned. I will attend to the over-darning when I have acquired the proper skills. 

When I acquired the jacket all buttons were missing, so I bought a beautiful set of brown-blonde real buffalo horn buttons from Grunwald-True-Style.

More than eighty years but still being very beautiful

Detail from inner slit pocket

Two-button working cuffs

Brown-blonde buffalo horn button

Tailors William Kinloch Anderson and Sons still exist in Edinburgh 

The shop on George Street in the 1910s
Beautiful colours

The cut-away front reminded me of my vintage morning jacket and dinner jacket which both have this construction of two buttons which allow for more spacey closing option. So I went for the special two-button mount on this jacket, too; Leaves extra room for a waistcoat or a  freer movement when riding a bicycle

Need of over-darning

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The RHs the Dukes of York and Wales in the 1930s wearing tweed kilt jackets

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