26 Apr 2015

White bow tie from Drake's; Imperial collar from Darcy Clothing; and a vintage silk scarf

Not quite satisfied with the look of my white tie accessories I set out to make an upgrade of my formal evening wardrobe; or at least having more options of combining collars and bow ties. 
I wanted a bat shaped silk alternative to my classic butterfly shaped Marcella cotton bow tie; the butterfly shape kind of interfered with the wing collar.

I will not say that I looked for the white bow tie in many places as I have been spoiled by the ever appropriate quality and design by Drake's London; and Drake's have at the moment a fine collection of formal bow ties.
The basket weave white silk and the classic straight end cricket bat shape was just what I was looking for.

Wearing my vintage 1951 Malmstrom of Sackville Street evening tails with a stiff front, single cuff shirt with a detachable Imperial collar (both from Darcy Clothing in East Sussex), a vintage Marcella cotton, backless waistcoat and patent leather shoes from Magnanni. And of course the white silk bat shaped bow tie from Drake's London.

I love the basket weave and the fat, light cream silk

The bow tie fresh out of the box from Drake's. I will remove the buckles and instead make sure the bow tie has the proper non-adjustable lenght.

Straight end. Lovely structure.

A vintage 1930s top hat from Austin Reed

Washable Imperial straight collar from Darcy Clothing

Top Hat; silk scarf; and a walking cane

A vintage silk scarf with hand-knotted fringes

Have a nice evening!

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  1. I want the same collar!

  2. Wow... nice blog.. You are looking so gentle. I regularly go through your blogs. Keep updating. Last month I gifted a white bow tie by skinnytiemadness.com to my grandfather on his birthday which I ordered from an online shopping site and I am satisfied with it.

  3. I can't seem to find the same pow tie at Drake's now! What a shame... Looking for a pointed-end batwing marcella bow tie to no avail...

    On another note, the creamy colour of the bow tie matches perfectly with the waistcoat and contrasts wonderfully with the white collarless shirt. Was that just by luck or did you have a method of dying the waistcoat to the same colour?