1 Apr 2015

White Summer Shoes from Doucal´s

For a long time I thought that I had to be searching for vintage shoes from the 1930s to get a proper shoe that would fit into that quintessential British Summer style. But there are virtually no shoes out there in my size and in a condition that makes them wearable.
I have also been making numerous inquiries on the american Summer shoe: the white bucks. But I was not quite contempt with the look of the crude rubber soles.
The regular manufacturers of shoes that I naturally would turn to did not offer the white brogue I was searching for - Cheaney & sons, C&J, G&G, Edward Green; neither of them has this RTW.  

But there it was all of a sudden: a proper British looking shoe with a twist of Italian Summer.
The Doucal's.

The Doucal's White Brogues

The Doucal's is an Italian shoe manufacturer established in 1973 by Mario Giannini. 
Originally named "Duca" - the Italian word for Duke - but after the founder spent several months in the British shoemaking Mecca of Northampton being introduced to the principles of proper British shoe-making, he anglicised the name of his artisanal enterprise to "Doucal's". 

The shoe is a beautifully designed wingtip Derby brogue with a discrete, narrow-lined leather sole; soft (!) white grain upper leathers and highly detailed stiching.
I am highly satisfied with this shoe!

Tilføj billedtekst

The brouging looks grand - I like the bigger holes along the wingtips.

Leather sole attached to the uppers in a manner resembling the Goodyear welting. Partly reinforced by a rubber sole. 

Deauville 1913

I have started inspecting the Summer wardrobe; been dusting of the old linen storage bags and checking the attire for needs of mending or cleaning. 
I am especially looking forward to be wearing my vintage linen plus-fours with over-the-calf cotton socks and my new Doucal's white brogues!

Having a great time inspecting the Summer attire

Natural coloured OTC socks from Drakes of London  

Sky-blue Fil d'Ecosse OTC socks from Mazarin

I have gathered some more inspirational pictures for a Gentlemanly Summer at Pinterest.
Notice the linen plus-fours worn by Scott Fitzgerald :-)

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald in September 1921

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