25 May 2015

Clarks Desert Boots

Looking for a lighter alternative to my sturdy Tricker's boots and more appropriate for warm Summer days I got quite inspired by a post in The Tweed Pig Blog on the classic Desert Boot from Clark's.

My wife and I have started to regularly take longer walks of 20+ kilometers mainly on smaller pebbly and dusty paths or dirt tracks in the countryside and I feel reluctant to use my nice looking Brogue shoes for this purpose.

The fake British Major in the Clark's commercial convinced me that these boots - though not being pretty nor likely in a very good quality - were appropriate for the task in hand.
My experience is only a number of shorter walks of 5-6 kilometers and a single longer walk of 23 kilometers, which unexpectedly resulted in 3-4 blisters on the right foot; so still too soon to give my final judgement on these boots.
I just hope that I am not deemed poor sartorial taste in all Eternity for this purchase :-)

Clark´s advert

Fair Isle knit; Tweed cap; WW2 service dress trousers; and Desert boots.

23 kilometers in company with spouse and dog

The Desert Boot

Mr. Clark himself

Clark's and Plus-fours
If I could afford it I believe the better choice would be a pair of proper boots like these Gaziano & Girling Glencoes with double leather sole (special order from Skoaktiebolaget)

G&G Glencoe, double leather sole, grain leather

23 May 2015

Linen-silk sports jacket from RL Polo

Finding proper vintage Summer attire has proven to be quite a difficult endeavour; luckily one can be fortunate to find contemporary clothing that is suitable for a timeless Chap's wardrobe. Like my white flannels from the Merchant Fox.
Lately I got a beautiful herringbone "tweed" sports jacket from RL Polo at a very good bargain price at Gentleman's outfitter Malford of London.
The jacket is made from the most beautifully woven linen and mulberry silk (3/4 linen) fabric. It is unconstructed and unlined; very light and appropriate for warm days. The fabric is very soft indeed.
The jacket looks great with white trousers (flannels or linen), a light blue shirt, and a linen baker boy cap or a Panama hat.
I altered the jacket only slightly as I removed the chunky, braided leather buttons and replaced them with cognac brown real buffalo horn buttons from Grunwald True Style; which I find is a much better match for the lightness of unconstructed linen-silk.

Crimson trousers, Shantung silk tie from Drake's London, white-blue striped shirt with white collar and cuffs from Stenström's. Pocket square from Rubinacci. Photo taken after 10 hours at the office and in the car at work; added 10th of June 2015

SB; three-button with rolled labels; patch pockets
Single vent
Jacket made in Italy
Beautifully made; great quality
Real Buffalo horn buttons; Cognac brown
Patch breast pocket; notch lapels

Tattersall  check shirt, bat shaped green white dot silk bow tie; plus-fours; Burlington Argyle socks, spectators from Cheaney; linen baker boy cap.

16 May 2015

The Grey Morning Coat

This Ascension Day we celebrated my 13-year-old nephew. The scene was set for a semi-formal grand garden party at my Sister's; blue sky, light Cumulus Humilis and 15 degrees Celcius.
Family came from near and far to celebrate my nephew William confirming his faith in God as Lutheran tradition prescribes.

Given the dress-code (wear your best) and the weather conditions I chose to wear my mid-gray pick&pick morning coat. My grey morning coat is not quite as warm as my heavier black 1930s morning coat.
I gather my vintage grey coat originally was part of a grey morning suit traditionally worn at lesser formal events like the races etc.; but as only the coat survived I choose to see it as inter-changeable with the black morning coat (I hope I do not insult too many people with this choice)

At this party I matched the coat with a pair of formal black & white flat-fronted houndstooth check trousers and a dark grey waistcoat; white shirt with a detachable wing collar and white spats; navy/wine striped Shantung silk tie and a grey top hat. Black captoe Oxford shoes, obviously.

Mum and I at the party

The vintage flat fronted black/white houndstooth check trousers from Moss Bros, Covent Garden

Vintage grey pick&pick morning coat

Grey kid leather gloves

My nephew in a mid-grey morning suit just outside the village church 

An odd party taking a stroll in the neighbourhood 

My daughter, my son, my spouse and I at the party. Notice Asger and I wearing matching boutonnière flowers

My sister arranged a splendid garden party 

The village celebrated the youngsters on Ascension Day and flags were raised along the High Street as tradition prescribes.