25 May 2015

Clarks Desert Boots

Looking for a lighter alternative to my sturdy Tricker's boots and more appropriate for warm Summer days I got quite inspired by a post in The Tweed Pig Blog on the classic Desert Boot from Clark's.

My wife and I have started to regularly take longer walks of 20+ kilometers mainly on smaller pebbly and dusty paths or dirt tracks in the countryside and I feel reluctant to use my nice looking Brogue shoes for this purpose.

The fake British Major in the Clark's commercial convinced me that these boots - though not being pretty nor likely in a very good quality - were appropriate for the task in hand.
My experience is only a number of shorter walks of 5-6 kilometers and a single longer walk of 23 kilometers, which unexpectedly resulted in 3-4 blisters on the right foot; so still too soon to give my final judgement on these boots.
I just hope that I am not deemed poor sartorial taste in all Eternity for this purchase :-)

Clark´s advert

Fair Isle knit; Tweed cap; WW2 service dress trousers; and Desert boots.

23 kilometers in company with spouse and dog

The Desert Boot

Mr. Clark himself

Clark's and Plus-fours
If I could afford it I believe the better choice would be a pair of proper boots like these Gaziano & Girling Glencoes with double leather sole (special order from Skoaktiebolaget)

G&G Glencoe, double leather sole, grain leather

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