30 Jun 2015

Olive Drab Trousers - a Versatile Green

Green is a lovely colour in the classic Gentleman's wardrobe; not as staple as navy or grey for most purposes but surpreme in the country attire.
But one should also include green in the everyday wardrobe - ties; socks; pocket squares; shoes.
...And green trousers to wear with odd jackets - cotton jackets; linen jackets; tweed jackets etc.

I recently acquired a pair of Olive drab trousers from Gentleman's Outfitters Hogspear; a pair of vintage Household Cavalry Officer's service dress trousers.
The Olive drab is a beautiful colour and very versatile to go with tans, browns, and blues. Being a natural mix of green and brown hues it is more suitable with many colours than say grass green, sage green etc - the latter hues maybe more appropriate for accessories.

The trousers are quite slim, but classic in design with double inward pleats, side adjusters, cuffs, and button fly.
The wool fabric is of excellent quality and so is the making.
And the price for a vintage pair of service dress trousers is quite affordable...

Olive drab trousers; Tan linen-silk tweed jacket from RL Polo; light blue db cuff shirt from Stenström's;Navy/silver bar stripe tie from Drake´s London; silk pocket square from Rubinacci; dark oak brogues from Cheaney&Sons
A very snug fit to the waistline 
The trousers have a lovely contemporary fit - not often you will see me take off the jacket.

Side adjusters and loops for an officer's sash belt

Double pleated; button fly


The silk-linen tweed jacket from RL Polo: link

27 Jun 2015

Navy/silver Barstripe Fine Weave Grenadine Tie from Drake's London

A stroke of sunshine in a cold and wet "summer" day is the new navy/silver fine weave grenadine tie from Drake's London that arrived today by mail. A true classic; very versatile...

A beautiful grenadine weave

The range at Exquisite Trimmings, London is absolutely brilliant

Drake's London - my favourite tiemaker

A beautiful tie; handmade in London

The navy tie looks great with a classic b/w houndstooth suit

Navy barstripe tie and white summer suit

23 Jun 2015

A vintage 1924 Cable Knit Eton College Sports Jumper

Once again I was in luck and scored a truly unique vintage Gentleman's garment: a cable knit sports jumper from Eton College dated 1924. The jumper is made of cream/natural wool and has red trimmings with a grey double line; it is in a remarkably good state age taken into consideration!
knit still being crisp and wearable; only a few spots of discolouration..

The jumper is from the past local Eton hatter & outfitter E. C. Devereux; a retail store situated on the High Street and run by generations of Devereuxs. A name tag saying J. C. G. Vowler, 1924.

Eton College has a highly developed colour scheme for various sports at the school and judging from the coloured templates I would say that my jumper is from the Water Polo team.

A truly lovely jumper that I will wear with pride in the lukewarm Danish Summer;
today I am wearing my cream wool flannel cricket trousers from Fox Flannels; a collarless white shirt from Darcy Clothing; a red white dot cravat; and my white Doucal's shoes. On top of that my 1932 Cambridge Blue.
The jumper will also be a great match for a pair of cream shorts and tan shooting socks.

Cuddling our Coton du Tuléar
A warm and comfortable jumper and Fox flannels - what is left to wish for?

The V-neck trimming is a tad more bulky than the other trimmings as it is applied on top of the wool knit rather than inter-woven

The jumper is in an excellent condition

Summer is a cream knit jumper and green grass

Hatter and Outfitter E. C. Devereux, High street, Eton, England

The jumper fits perfectly under my Cambridge  Blue

Walter Eskine Crum – 19 March 1896

Colour template from Eton College sports; my jumper seems to sport the colours of the Water Polo team 

E. C. Devereux also wrote a book on Eton and the Eton colours 

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Cricket whites from Fox Flannels

9 Jun 2015

New wardrobe staples from Exquisite Trimmings, London

It was with great anticipation that I opened the elegant green gift box from Exquisite Trimmings today; a lovely wine/navy/gold Shantung silk tie from Drake's London and an exquisite Navy and Sky Mediterraneo silk pocket square from Mariano Rubinacco were revealed.

I have grown very fond of the lovely designs from Drake's and especially their crude Shantung silk ties; and a proper striped tie was lacking in my collection of ties.
I prefer my Drake's ties to any other ties and most days I wear Drake's - this new very versatile tie will be a true wardrobe staple.

The Rubinacci pocket square has a very luxurious look and feel and is a giant 16"x16".
The quirky map depicts Naples as the center of the Mediterranean - the sartorial Capital by the sea - Mare Nostrum.
Also a very versatile accessory in the Sky, Navy, Gold and Beige colours.

Rubinnaci pocket square and Drake's Shantung silk tie in the green Exquisite Trimmings giftbox 

Tan cotton gabardine suit, Panama hat, Shantung silk tie and a Rubinnacci square - indisputably Summer
Cambridge blue, a skimmer and the new striped tie - indisputably Summer
Rubinacci Mediterraneo pocket square
A map of Mare Nostrum

Mariano Rubinacci, Naples, Italy

Lovely texture to weave, hand-rolled edges, made in London

wine, navy and gold - a true classic

Mariano Rubinacci and son... Mariano in a lovely Solaro suit, light-blue check shirt and a pink tie

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Tan suit by bespoke tailors J.Dege & sons, 16 Clifford Street, London  

5 Jun 2015

Vintage 1920/30s linen plus-fours

Finally Summer came to Denmark this year; and I grasped the first opportunity to wear my vintage 1920/30s linen plus-fours and the jacket from my 1939 De Pinna white linen suit.
The linen plus-fours are truly light and very cool to wear; unlined, flat front, brace buttons - and the fabric is in a good condition the old age taken into consideration.
My wife and I attended a garden party today at my little sister's; celebrating my nephew's and my father's birthdays. A perfect occation for white linen.

In the pictures I wear a new white cotton casual shirt with cut-away collar from Stenström's, blue-striped silk-cotton socks from Italian Gallo, a half-blue silk-cotton tie from Tommy Hilfiger, white shoes from Doucal's, and my Panama hat.

Linen - a perfect match for the warm Summer day 5th of June.
Buckle closing
Vintage linen plus-fours with semi-high back

Original MOP buttons

Button fly 
The 50% silk socks are very comfortable in the varm weather

A recent aquisition to my wardrobe is this comfortable soft cotton shirt from Swedish Stenström's

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White shoes from Doucal's

DePinna 1939