23 Jun 2015

A vintage 1924 Cable Knit Eton College Sports Jumper

Once again I was in luck and scored a truly unique vintage Gentleman's garment: a cable knit sports jumper from Eton College dated 1924. The jumper is made of cream/natural wool and has red trimmings with a grey double line; it is in a remarkably good state age taken into consideration!
knit still being crisp and wearable; only a few spots of discolouration..

The jumper is from the past local Eton hatter & outfitter E. C. Devereux; a retail store situated on the High Street and run by generations of Devereuxs. A name tag saying J. C. G. Vowler, 1924.

Eton College has a highly developed colour scheme for various sports at the school and judging from the coloured templates I would say that my jumper is from the Water Polo team.

A truly lovely jumper that I will wear with pride in the lukewarm Danish Summer;
today I am wearing my cream wool flannel cricket trousers from Fox Flannels; a collarless white shirt from Darcy Clothing; a red white dot cravat; and my white Doucal's shoes. On top of that my 1932 Cambridge Blue.
The jumper will also be a great match for a pair of cream shorts and tan shooting socks.

Cuddling our Coton du TulĂ©ar
A warm and comfortable jumper and Fox flannels - what is left to wish for?

The V-neck trimming is a tad more bulky than the other trimmings as it is applied on top of the wool knit rather than inter-woven

The jumper is in an excellent condition

Summer is a cream knit jumper and green grass

Hatter and Outfitter E. C. Devereux, High street, Eton, England

The jumper fits perfectly under my Cambridge  Sports Jacket

Walter Eskine Crum – 19 March 1896

Colour template from Eton College sports; my jumper seems to sport the colours of the Water Polo team 

E. C. Devereux also wrote a book on Eton and the Eton colours 

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Cricket whites from Fox Flannels

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