9 Jun 2015

New wardrobe staples from Exquisite Trimmings, London

It was with great anticipation that I opened the elegant green gift box from Exquisite Trimmings today; a lovely wine/navy/gold Shantung silk tie from Drake's London and an exquisite Navy and Sky Mediterraneo silk pocket square from Mariano Rubinacco were revealed.

I have grown very fond of the lovely designs from Drake's and especially their crude Shantung silk ties; and a proper striped tie was lacking in my collection of ties.
I prefer my Drake's ties to any other ties and most days I wear Drake's - this new very versatile tie will be a true wardrobe staple.

The Rubinacci pocket square has a very luxurious look and feel and is a giant 16"x16".
The quirky map depicts Naples as the center of the Mediterranean - the sartorial Capital by the sea - Mare Nostrum.
Also a very versatile accessory in the Sky, Navy, Gold and Beige colours.

Rubinnaci pocket square and Drake's Shantung silk tie in the green Exquisite Trimmings giftbox 

Tan cotton gabardine suit, Panama hat, Shantung silk tie and a Rubinnacci square - indisputably Summer
Cambridge sports jacket, a skimmer and the new striped tie - indisputably Summer
Rubinacci Mediterraneo pocket square
A map of Mare Nostrum

Mariano Rubinacci, Naples, Italy

Lovely texture to weave, hand-rolled edges, made in London

wine, navy and gold - a true classic

Mariano Rubinacci and son... Mariano in a lovely Solaro suit, light-blue check shirt and a pink tie

(Re-)visit my presentation of my 1984 bespoke Solaro suit: link

Tan suit by bespoke tailors J.Dege & sons, 16 Clifford Street, London  

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