5 Jul 2015

A linen Summer shirt from Stenström's, Sweden

To qoute HRH Prince Philip:
A gentleman never rolls his sleeves up above his elbows.. unless, of course, he is planning on doing something ungentlemanly.
But this lovely weather calls for rolled up sleeves - sitting in the garden with an improving book and a glass of water or lemonade in the shadow of a Panama hat.
I found this lovely linen shirt at my usual shirt vendor: Stenström's of Sweden.
A very soft and light woven fabric in light-blue and white stripes. The button-down collar is soft and has a a beautiful roll. The chunky MOP buttons have an attractive light-brown hue; I would have preferred buttons of a less stout character, but still the shirt is quite lovely and of the usual good quality.
A shirt made for rolled up sleeves; a soft silk cravat or a daring bare neck; and jacket off. Or if worn with a jacket: a plain coloured, unlined linen blazer.

Today's improving book is the humorous and wise "Felix Krull" by Thomas Mann.

Soft button-down collar 
A vintage light silk yellow/red paisley cravat

Colours for summer - white linen, navy/silver bar tie, wine knitted tie (Rubinacci)

Attractive hue to the MOP buttons

Cecil Beaton self portrait; said with all due respect to a well-dressed Gentleman, but I believe the good mr. Beaton should have stopped rolling when reaching his elbows.

HRH Prince Philip with rolled up sleeves

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