12 Jul 2015

More on E. C. Devereux - Hatter & Outfitter... And a day at the beach

Since I first published the pictures of my 1924 knit sports jumper from the Eton Hatter & Outfitter, E. C. Devereux, I received a kind electronic message during my summer vacation from Mrs. Devereux - wife of a descendant of Charles Thomas Topping Devereux (1779-1837) & his wife Mary (née Bil).

In the missive she gives further information about the family enterprise of hat-making:
"In about 1800 Mary & Charles  founded the family firm of hatters and outfitters in the city of London and in 1806-1936 at Windsor and Eton. All three of their sons were hatters, with shops in the city of London to 1849, and at Wolverhampton in Staffordshire to 1851.
In the third generation, Ernest Cecil Devereux (1854-1936) was a hatter and outfitter at Eton from 1867-1936 - he was the last of the Devereux hatters, and the youngest son of Alderman Sir Joseph Devereux of Windsor.
Sir Joseph had served as a town councillor in Windsor for many years and was elected three times by his fellow councillors to serve as Mayor -  this was a unique achivement, as the councillors usually take turns to be Mayor (!) and in 1883  Joseph was knighted by Queen Victoria for his voluntary service to the town of Windsor."

Thank you so much, Mrs. Devereux, for sharing your family history; it really means a lot to me to learn more about the history of my attire.

Pictures from a day at the beach wearing shorts and jumper. Quite a windy day with scattered cumulus clouds. 15-16 degrees Celsius.

Playing Calaha in the sand with my beautiful daughter

Moleskin shorts; white casual Stenström's shirt with cutaway collar, vintage yellow paisley cravat; and the 1924 knit sports jumper from Eton.

Link to first post on the jumper: link

Woolen knit sports jumper, white Fox flannels and white brogue shoes from Doucal's

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