19 Jul 2015

The vintage 1930s white linen suit - playing croquet in Copenhagen

A Summer favourite for green lawns and blue sky is the white linen suit. A bold statement to wear such attire - especially if paired with white shoes and a straw boater.
But as out of place one can feel in the public transportation being carried to the destination in this suit as natural and appropriate the suit becomes on the green grass below the trees and the blue sky.  

This Saturday we had a small gathering at the Churchill memorial park in Copenhagen to celebrate our chum Morten on his (recent) birthday; to enjoy a nourishing meal and fizzy drinks; and last but not least to have a croquet match.
The croquet discipline is more of a debating society than an extreme sport and we had a most enjoyable afternoon with lots of laughter, jokes and enlightening stories and debates.

Picnic at Churchill Park in Copenhagen, Saturday afternoon.

The party. Jimmy naturally in the center of attention. His white shoes from John Lobb made quite an impression
My spouse and I enjoying a glass of refreshing Asti
Guards band straw boater; striped Shantung silk tie from Drake's; Double round collar and double cuffed shirt from Darcy Clothing 

The vintage 1930s white linen suit is from the De Pinna 5th avenue department store. The fabric is densely woven and of medium/heavy weight; which makes the fall quite good and diminishes the creasing.
The jacket is single breasted with a 2 roll 3 button closing, notched lapels and patch pockets. The jacket is quarter-lined and very comfortableto wear in warm weather. The shouldes are constructed with almost no padding and con rollino.
The trousers are double outward-pleated with both braces buttons and belt loops the American way.
The cuffs are are 2" high.

Double outwards pleats; braces buttons and belt loops - the American way

Pagado or Con rollino shoulders. Single vent

Pagado or Con Rollino shoulders 

Close up of the fabric shows how dense it is woven. The cloth is medium/heavy weight. Lovely real MOP buttons.

From right: Mikkel, Jimmy and I; ready to battle.
Mikkel being a tad more formal than Jimmy observing  his correct use of the closing button on his French blazer jacket and tie not cravat.

Morten and his son. 

Much is at stake here

Observing the game. Picture by Karin Krag-Andersen

When I bought the white linen suit I was told this story about the man who originally bought the suit:

"On Friday June 28, 1940 my Father dressed in this linen suit and his best friend - both newly minted physicians - steamed away from Pier 32 in NYC on the American Republics Line S.S. Argentina bound for a great adventure to South America. For two months they ventured by ocean liner, train, private car, donkey and dugout to 'Rio, Sao Paulo (the Chicago of Brazil), Montevideo, Buenos Aires, the Great Lakes way to the south hidden amongst the Andes, Arequipa and the Quinta Bates, Cuzco and Macchu Picchu on the swift waters of the Urubamba, the myriads of flamingos resting on the shores of Lake Titicaca and Lima the 'City of Kings.'' These were the days where each accommodation was preceded by a letter of introduction, one dressed for dinner, and the world unfurled before you."

A lovely story that I Iike to share over and over...

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