23 Aug 2015

Shoe polishing Sunday - Cheaney "Edinburgh" re-visited

During this sunny weekend I spent quite some time on maitenance - shoes and boots polishing and re-proofing the Barbour oilskin jacket.

I paid my Cheaney "Edinburgh"s some extra attention today. Over time I had build up too many layers of shoe polish (Saphir Pâte de luxe in Havane-Tabak brown) which resulted in small cracks in the surface. Creases are a natural process, but cracks in the surface due to too much polish are not pretty.

First I washed down the uppers with a horsehair brush and warm soap water. After drying in the shadow for a while I cleansed the leather with Saphir "Réno 'Mat".
Next step was to massage the uppers with "Mink oil renovator" from The Shoe Snob Shop.
Later I brushed the shoes down and applied a thin layer of Saphir Pâte de luxe (#34, Havane-Tabak brown).
Final step was to add some extra shine using the Shoe Snob Shop bee's wax.

I am still very happy with these shoes - and still a visit to the cobbler can wait. I have used the shoes a lot and even during last year's Copenhagen Tweed Ride they were utterly soaked with water due to all day rain.

Shoe polishing "ingredients"

Still plenty of miles in these

Creases are acceptable

A good guide to shoe polishing is found at the Shoe Snob Blog.

I purchased my Cheaney "Edinburgh" a little more than two years ago. I re-visted the shoes a year ago: haethaenstat.blogspot.dk/2014/08/the-cheaney-revisited.

The new shoes


  1. Good work, I know it takes time. Myself I can't handle more than one pair a day (following that Shoe Snob route which leads to a glaçage)!

    If I may ask, after how many wears do you usually repeat the procedure? Thank you.

    1. the wash-down with soap and water not very often, but the brush down followed by mink oil, pâte de luxe and then bee's wax for every 2-3 wears, and for every wear brush-down and depending on estimated need either pâte de luxe or bee's wax - maybe just the refrehing of the toe's. But over time I admit having applied too much pâte de luxe - so thin even layers is the new black.