17 Aug 2015

While not updating the blog during Summer...

Summer has been over us the last 6 weeks - things have been slower at work during the different colleague's vacations and I also have had two seperate weeks of vacation.
Also on the sartorial matters things have been paused for a while - hence the lack of updates of the blog.
But while not updating the blog I still got some new acquisitions I would like to share with you at a later point and I have slowly but surely started doing needed alterations and repairs to my attire.

I am practising my buttonholes - using G├╝termann's silk threads and gimps. My experience is now adding up to five buttonholes and I expect something around a hundred tries before I will try it out on one of my sports coats.
Eventually all my RTW jackets and suits will need handmade buttonholes.

I found some gorgeous knitting from Nottingham, England. More in a later post when the weather calls for tweed again.

I am in the proces of making Italian shirt shoulders (Spalla Manica a Camicia) on my vintage unconstructed cotton summer suit jacket. I had hoped to wear the suit this Summer, but things progress more slowly than I hoped for. I will most likely not reveal the suit until next Spring.

I acquired a lovely vintage bespoke  two-piece suit made from an exquisite light/medium weight cloth from Holland & Sherry. The suit only need little alterations to be taken into use. More in a later post...
During the last months you might have noticed that I have been slightly more active on Instagram and Tumblr; you are welcome to visit me here also...

Hope you all had a lovely Summer!

Greetings from Gudhjem, Bornholm


  1. Ambitious project Sir! Respect.

    Do we see a new classical master tailor evolving here? ;-)

    1. No I am afraid not, sir. But I learn a little each time and my respect for real artisan tailors grow the more.