30 Sep 2015

A Walk in the Countryside - Tweed, Spats and Bowler

This weekend I immensely enjoyed the fine weather with my wife and dog walking in the countryside surrounding Fussingø in Jutland; virtually in my own backyard.
From anno 1753 Fussingø was the home of County of Scheel von Plessen, but when Germany lost WW2 the Danish government confiscated all German property; including Fussingø.
Anyway the landscape surrounding the house is very beautiful and includes lovely meadows, ponds, a lake and old forests.

I wore my heavy cheviot tweed suit, with spats and bowler - perfect for a day in the countryside....

These pictures are also my entry into the competition "The Well-Dressed Man of 2015" at the Danish blog "Stiljournalen" (Journal of Style); a highly recommended blog on bespoke tailoring, handmade shoes, fine shirts and all those major and minor components that create true style.

Bowler from Christys hats; wool tie from Hackett; wool-silk pocket square from Drake's London; English-tan unlined gloves from Dents.
The red barns next to the "Chateau"

walking the dog
I am very happy with the fit of this suit - a real autumn favourite of mine...

26 Sep 2015

Mustard Knit Cardigan from Coxmoore of England

This time of year when the Autumn starts spreading it's wonderful warm hues and temperature is getting lower we can again dress in Tweed and waist coats; and knit cardigans for warmth and comfort.
I have been looking for a proper knit cardigan for a while; a cardigan of high quality and in a colour that suits the warm gold/orange/red colours that are woven into my Tweeds.
I finally I decided for this lovely mustard wool cardigan from Coxmoore of England; classic knitwear from Nottingham. I bought it from the brilliant Gentleman's outfitter: Tails and the Unexpected.

The quality is excellent; much effort has been put into the design, and the making of the seams. Buttons seems to be made of dark grey Mother of Pearl; even the button holes are quite well-made.
The cardigan adds beautiful colouring to different suits and odd jackets.

Today I wear the cardigan with my heavy Cheviot Tweed suit; Olive with window panes in burnt orange.

Light-blue Stenström's shirt; green medaillon print wool tie from Hackett's; dark oak brogues from Cheaney&Son.
The lenght and the fit of the cardigan is great

Adds beautiful colouring to the ensemble

Beautiful buttons

Well made yokes, hems and seams

Shooting socks and wool tie

14 Sep 2015

Bowler, Hacking jacket, Riding breeches, and Riding boots - at Copenhagen Tweed Ride

Attending this year's Copenhagen Tweed Ride was sheer pleasure: the party of well-dressed and intelligent people was great company during a day of visiting beautiful old Copenhagen; having picnic in the park and finishing off with punchbowl and live music at Lidkoeb bar.
And I was accompanied by my lovely wife and our dog...

I am happy to share with you that my partners-in-Tweed voted me the best dressed man of this event.; thank you all!
This post might seem a bit self-centered, but I would like to show the winning combination of Bowler, Hacking jacket, Riding breeches, and Riding boots.

The Bowler is from Christy's Hats; shirt and detachable double-round collar is from Darcy Clothing; vintage untipped silk tie from RL; Hacking jacket and waistcoat are part of my vintage 1980s bespoke heavy cheviot tweed suit; the Vintage 1957 Riding breeches are made of heavy cavalry twill; OTC argyll socks from Burlington; my vintage Riding boots and matching (English Tan) unlined hairsheep leather gloves from Dent's. Pocket square in wool/silk from Drake's London and my antique silver pocket watch from Waltham Mass. in a military-style leather strap.

My wife, my dog and I at the Copenhagen Tweed Ride (Photo by my chum H.P. Henriksen)
Together with messrs. Outzen and Kurt-Nielsen

During the picnic in the park we also played the old game of "Cap the Pigeon" - a most enjoyable pursuit after a nourishing meal.

Watching the game while enjoying a bag of Tyrell's hand-cooked crisps. together with my chum H.P.

Giving advise to Fiona - even though I had no luck myself capping a pigeon. Fiona won the contest by the way...
Together with my good friend Jimmy

The Riding breeches are vintage: made in 1957 for Sir Lancelot by bespoke tailors Gillott & Hasell. Made from a heavy-weight Loden green cavalry twill.

Vintage bespoke riding breeches from Gillott & Hasell

The Bowler is fur-felt from Christy's Hats - a new entry in my wardrobe but already a favorite...

Pictures from Tails and the Unexpected
Winning the price of best dressed man left me with a giftcard of DKK 1000,- to spend at the exquisite hat shop "Petitgas" in Copenhagen. I am looking very much forward to be visiting the shop once they have finished changing to autumn/winter hats during the next weeks...

Giftcard to the exquisite hat shop Petitgas in Copenhagen