30 Sep 2015

A Walk in the Countryside - Tweed, Spats and Bowler

This weekend I immensely enjoyed the fine weather with my wife and dog walking in the countryside surrounding Fussingø in Jutland; virtually in my own backyard.
From anno 1753 Fussingø was the home of County of Scheel von Plessen, but when Germany lost WW2 the Danish government confiscated all German property; including Fussingø.
Anyway the landscape surrounding the house is very beautiful and includes lovely meadows, ponds, a lake and old forests.

I wore my heavy cheviot tweed suit, with spats and bowler - perfect for a day in the countryside....

These pictures are also my entry into the competition "The Well-Dressed Man of 2015" at the Danish blog "Stiljournalen" (Journal of Style); a highly recommended blog on bespoke tailoring, handmade shoes, fine shirts and all those major and minor components that create true style.

Bowler from Christys hats; wool tie from Hackett; wool-silk pocket square from Drake's London; English-tan unlined gloves from Dents.
The red barns next to the "Chateau"

walking the dog
I am very happy with the fit of this suit - a real autumn favourite of mine...

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