14 Sep 2015

Bowler, Hacking jacket, Riding breeches, and Riding boots - at Copenhagen Tweed Ride

Attending this year's Copenhagen Tweed Ride was sheer pleasure: the party of well-dressed and intelligent people was great company during a day of visiting beautiful old Copenhagen; having picnic in the park and finishing off with punchbowl and live music at Lidkoeb bar.
And I was accompanied by my lovely wife and our dog...

I am happy to share with you that my partners-in-Tweed voted me the best dressed man of this event.; thank you all!
This post might seem a bit self-centered, but I would like to show the winning combination of Bowler, Hacking jacket, Riding breeches, and Riding boots.

The Bowler is from Christy's Hats; shirt and detachable double-round collar is from Darcy Clothing; vintage untipped silk tie from RL; Hacking jacket and waistcoat are part of my vintage 1980s bespoke heavy cheviot tweed suit; the Vintage 1957 Riding breeches are made of heavy cavalry twill; OTC argyll socks from Burlington; my vintage Riding boots and matching (English Tan) unlined hairsheep leather gloves from Dent's. Pocket square in wool/silk from Drake's London and my antique silver pocket watch from Waltham Mass. in a military-style leather strap.

My wife, my dog and I at the Copenhagen Tweed Ride (Photo by my chum H.P. Henriksen)
Together with messrs. Outzen and Kurt-Nielsen

During the picnic in the park we also played the old game of "Cap the Pigeon" - a most enjoyable pursuit after a nourishing meal.

Watching the game while enjoying a bag of Tyrell's hand-cooked crisps. together with my chum H.P.

Giving advise to Fiona - even though I had no luck myself capping a pigeon. Fiona won the contest by the way...
Together with my good friend Jimmy

The Riding breeches are vintage: made in 1957 for Sir Lancelot by bespoke tailors Gillott & Hasell. Made from a heavy-weight Loden green cavalry twill.

Vintage bespoke riding breeches from Gillott & Hasell

The Bowler is fur-felt from Christy's Hats - a new entry in my wardrobe but already a favorite...

Pictures from Tails and the Unexpected
Winning the price of best dressed man left me with a giftcard of DKK 1000,- to spend at the exquisite hat shop "Petitgas" in Copenhagen. I am looking very much forward to be visiting the shop once they have finished changing to autumn/winter hats during the next weeks...

Giftcard to the exquisite hat shop Petitgas in Copenhagen