19 Oct 2015

My antique wooden seat stick

I never seem to complete my long list of indispensable Gentleman's accessories; and in regards to walking sticks and canes I have only just started..
(The silver knob handled walking cane and My ash knob walking stick)

Recently I acquired a lovely antique wooden seat stick; I do not know the history behind this well-crafted item, but I have seen seat sticks similar to this from late 19th Century London (sword maker R.S. Garden, Picadilly). The hinges work like a marvel and details in the making are well cared for; except for a few woodworm holes the stick is in fine condition and quite functional.

The seat stick is a perfect companion for longer walks that includes bird-watching, but also for spectator sports like field-hunting.

Preparing a seat
Antique wooden seat stick

Wearing my vintage 1970 bespoke tweed shooting suit; a vintage houndstooth tweed waistcoat; peccary gloves; loden green shooting socks and tan brogues.  Binoculars and shooting stick.

The seat is quite comfortable


German newspaper sellers on seat sticks, 1927

1920s postcard

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  1. It's officially called a 'shooting stick'. A very nice example too.