2 Nov 2015

End of Season Field Hunting in North Zealand

The first Sunday in November every year since anno 1900 the Danish field hunting society celebrates the end of seasons with a spectacular race in "Dyrehaven" (the deer garden) north of Copenhagen.
The unique area centered by the early-18th-century Baroc country house "Eremitagen" - originally a hunting lodge for the Danish King Christian VI - was in 2015 added to the UNESCO World Heritage list
The orthogonal grid design is exclusively designed for the past par force huntings enjoyed by King and nobility.

Nowadays par force hunting with packs of hounds has been abolished and the field hunt on St. Hubert's Day is a parade ended by a final race towards "Eremitagen"; still a spectacular sight with beautiful hoofed creatures and hunting pink jackets.
The field hunting society has 24-25 annual hunts across woodlands and estates all over Denmark during Spring and Fall. The horsemen participating in most hunts during the two seasons qualify to the final race in "Dyrehaven" - and the chance to win His Royal Highness the Prince Consort's prize.

My wife and I joined our friends from the Copenhagen Tweed Ride Society for a lovely day out in the stunning autumnly woods and fields. The weather was quite good even though the sun was hiding and the hues of the leaves being too subtle.
As many as 40,000 people followed the 160 horsemen this Sunday!

As a small anecdote I can share with you that when the hunting horn blowers played the classical French drinking song "Chevaliers de la table ronde" before the hunt started I sent kind thoughts to my High School French teacher and my class mates...

Waiting for the final race in front of the early-18th-century Baroc hunting lodge.
The Danish Royal family is watching from the balcony
final briefing before the hunt starts

Time passing discussing sartorial matters with Mikkel, Alice and Jimmy

Mikkel testing my antique wooden shooting stick

Beautiful creatures and much drama

The deer watched us with curiosity - seeming to know that the hunt was not for Ungulates today

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