8 Nov 2015

The Borsalino Trilby from Hatters Petitgas in Copenhagen

Last weekend I visited the exquisite hatshop Petitgas in Copenhagen and was once again taken by the wits and charms of owner Bernhard Tommerup and his lovely wife.
First time we met was at the Copenhagen Tweed Ride in September when I won the prize for best dressed Gentleman; the prize being a gift voucher to Tommerup's hatshop (link to blog post)

The Petitgas hatshop has been in the same locations since 1857; and much of the interiour remains unchanged. Saying is that Hans Christian Andersen frequented this charming hatshop in Købmagergade.
Hats were made in the back building and as many as 40 people were part of the manufacturing back then. Nowadays hats are not being made here anymore; but quality hats like Borsalino, Mayser and Stetson are in the cupboards and shelves. Bernhard took over the business in January 2013.

Bernhard and his wife have great knowledge about the various hats; furfelt; colours; shapes etc. and will kindly tell you which hats are suitable for you.
Even before I arrived they already knew that I would end up buying this lovely gunmetal furfelt Trilby from Italian Borsalino.
(Only today it struck me that Borsalino started making their quality hats the exact same year as Monsieur Petitgas opened his hatshop in Copenhagen; anno 1857).

I wore my new Borsalino for a Sunday stroll with Spouse and dog in the park surrounding my old Gymnasium. I wore my vintage 1950s dark blue King Coat over a vintage 1960s three-piece brownish Glen Check suit. Handmade shoes from Vass in antique cognac and English tan unlined gloves from Dents.

At the main entrance of my old Gymnasium

A lovely November day; perfect for a stroll with Spouse and dog. Wearing my King Coat and furfelt Trilby
Belted back of my King Coat
Lovely hues in the furfelt and ribbon

Borsalino since 1857
Throwing the hat up in the air - just like when we 27 years ago celebrated our final exams at the Gymnasium

Monsieur Bernhard Tommerup in his small gem of a Hat shop
Good advice on colours and shapes

Petitgas Hat shop in Købmagergade, Copenhagen. Since 1857

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