29 Feb 2016

Oatmeal Tweed breeches from E.Tautz & Sons

This weekend my wife and I went for a long walk in the countryside next to the inlet of Kalø in the Aarhus Bay area. The weather was perfect for walking near the sea: a clear blue sky and the sea calm as a mirror. 3-4 degrees Celsius called for Tweed, but not necessarily an overcoat.

I wore my Norfolk jacket and a new-to-me pair of 1940s oatmeal Tweed breeches from E. Tautz & Sons, Oxford Street, London.
Edward Tautz founded the company in 1867 and specialised in the hunting-field and military men; considered a specialist in breeches. In 1886, in court, he proved his invention of the original knickerbocker breeches.
The Tweed is very soft; loosely woven in beige and brown yarns. Fishtail back and brace buttons.
From my favorite Gentleman's Outfitter: Hogspear.

We visited the ruins of a Medieval stronghold from AD 1313 beautifully situated on a small peninsular in the beautiful Aarhus Bay.

Tweed cap from Pakeman, Catto & Carter; detachable double round collar; silk tie; pearl tie tack pin; houndstooth Tweed waistcoat; Norfolk jacket from DoubleRL; vintage oatmeal Tweed breeches; green shootingsocks; dark brown longwing brogue shoes; unlined calfskin gloves; ash knob walking stick