29 Feb 2016

Oatmeal Tweed breeches from E.Tautz & Sons

This weekend my wife and I went for a long walk in the countryside next to the inlet of Kalø in the Aarhus Bay area. The weather was perfect for walking near the sea: a clear blue sky and the sea calm as a mirror. 3-4 degrees Celsius called for Tweed, but not necessarily an overcoat.

I wore my Norfolk jacket and a new-to-me pair of 1940s oatmeal Tweed breeches from E. Tautz & Sons, Oxford Street, London.
Edward Tautz founded the company in 1867 and specialised in the hunting-field and military men; considered a specialist in breeches. In 1886, in court, he proved his invention of the original knickerbocker breeches.
The Tweed is very soft; loosely woven in beige and brown yarns. Fishtail back and brace buttons.
From my favorite Gentleman's Outfitter: Hogspear.

We visited the ruins of a Medieval stronghold from AD 1313 beautifully situated on a small peninsular in the beautiful Aarhus Bay.

Tweed cap from Pakeman, Catto & Carter; detachable double round collar; silk tie; pearl tie tack pin; houndstooth Tweed waistcoat; Norfolk jacket from DoubleRL; vintage oatmeal Tweed breeches; green shootingsocks; dark brown longwing brogue shoes; unlined calfskin gloves; ash knob walking stick

Beautiful hues in the landscape

The ruins of the Medieval stronghold from AD 1313

Sally the dog immensely enjoyed the walk

E. Tautz & Sons. Really soft Tweed in beige and brown yarns

Fishtail back

Walking on the 700-year-old road to the stronghold


  1. Most interesting garment. Bound tops. Could you photograph one of the pockets, specifically how they meet the tops? I'd like to re-make these.

    1. Dear Marc, I uploaded a few more pics to Google+ - I hope they can be of any use. Link: https://plus.google.com/100566005737316323423/posts/8KrRGZHMBYe

  2. Thanks a lot. Very useful indeed.

  3. Hello Lasse! Where are you? I've been missing your posts.
    Ian from Downunder.

    1. Hi Ian, lately I have only been at my Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGHyGIOB6jx/
      I am not quite sure why; maybe just a whim. Well, there you are. I hope you'll be visiting me at Instagram.
      Toodle-pip. Lasse

  4. Thanks for letting me know Lasse. Why Instagram?
    I noticed you went to Rules. Friends took me there last August for my 60th birthday treat. I loved it. Naturally I dressed appropriately but there were two Americans at the next table dressed in plaid flannel shirts and gym pants! Shame on Rules for dropping their own standards.
    BTW, you and the gentleman from Maturestyle Tumblr are the best dressed chaps I know of. Onward and upward.
    Ian from Downunder.

    1. Thank you very much, Ian! Yes you would expect that the next man would show enough respect as to dress properly when visiting the oldest restaurant in London