21 Jul 2016

Vintage 1930s/40s boating blazer from Arthur Shepherd, Cambridge

I love the colourful sports blazers that have been a part of British Summer scene for more than a hundred years. For me the striped boating blazer is quintessential British; I had to have one in my wardrobe - and preferably a really old piece.

I recently acquired this old sports jacket via Ebay; it was dirty, smelly and had a few moth holes and stains at the back, but still a marvelous piece from Gentleman’s Outfitter Arthur Shepherd, Trinity Street, Cambridge.

At the 12th Chap Olympiad, Bedford Square, London. Wearing the striped boating blazer, white linen trousers (1939 vintage), white shirt and detachable bow tie collar (Darcy Clothing) and white brogues from Doucal’s.
(Photo by my chum Mikkel Mastek)

18 Jul 2016

The Chap Olympiad 2016

For me the Chap Olympiad is drawing references to the great British traditions of grand sports events where people high and low come from far & away to meet friends and family, to cheer, to picnic, to enjoy alcoholic beverages, and to watch sports; like Henley, Wimbledon, Ascot and the likes that come like pearls on a string from early Spring and onwards. People dress up attending these events as spectators; makes an effort.

I attended the event at Bedford Square gardens this weekend; the 12th annual Chap Olympiad.
I just went for the weekend staying at London University in Bloomsbury a mere 3 minute walk from Bedford Square. I had hoped to meet and talk with some of the many chaps and chapettes that I have met in the online universe of Instagram, but I never expected such a lovely day in the company of so many happy, devoted, and accomodating people.

The impeccably dressed @Londonchap and I discussing sartorial matters while sipping champagne

10 Jul 2016

Kilt in heathery hills

When one puts a genuine interest in Gentleman's clothing one have to consider also the kilt.
We all know the pictures of the brave Scotsmen in kilt running in the Highlands; and who would not like to be associated with that?!
A couple of years ago I got this beautiful vintage 1934 bespoke-made tweed kilt jacket and ever since considered to acquire a kilt, too. Only recently I got this lovely vintage kilt from my favourite Gentleman's Outfitter Hogspear. The kilt is in ancient Bruce tartan - really well made and heavy!

This weekend the kilt got it's first outing when my wife and I went hiking in the nearby National Park Rebild in Jutland, Denmark.

Walking in the lovely hills of National Park Rebild.
Vintage 1934 tweed kilt jacket; ancient Bruce tartan kilt; and a hand made sporran