10 Jul 2016

Kilt in heathery hills

When one puts a genuine interest in Gentleman's clothing one have to consider also the kilt.
We all know the pictures of the brave Scotsmen in kilt running in the Highlands; and who would not like to be associated with that?!
A couple of years ago I got this beautiful vintage 1934 bespoke-made tweed kilt jacket and ever since considered to acquire a kilt, too. Only recently I got this lovely vintage kilt from my favourite Gentleman's Outfitter Hogspear. The kilt is in ancient Bruce tartan - really well made and heavy!

This weekend the kilt got it's first outing when my wife and I went hiking in the nearby National Park Rebild in Jutland, Denmark.

Walking in the lovely hills of National Park Rebild.
Vintage 1934 tweed kilt jacket; ancient Bruce tartan kilt; and a hand made sporran

It is a very unusual attire outside of Scotland and I gather opinions are quite ambigous whether it is all right or not for non-Scots to wear a kilt.
I believe that we non-Scots must tread carefully if wearing kilt; but done in a tasteful way and avoiding the most traditional Scottish stuff like Ghillies with long laces and formal attire kilt is for all Gentlemen in my book. For countryside pursuits that is.
A great inspiration is HRH Prince Charles who again and again sport the best kilt attire I have ever seen.

My vintage kilt in ancient Bruce tartan from kiltmaker Jonathan Ross, Inverness, Scotland

My first time in kilt went quite well - took less of manning up than expected. It felt great to wear a kilt in the heathery hills; but only because the rest of the attire matched the purpose, too.

I wore a vintage 1932 brown country waistcoat; a light blue shirt; a green medaillon woolen tie; loden shooting socks with mustard contrast top and garters; dark brown brogue shoes; and my tweed flat cap. All for this country-gent look appropriate for the surroundings.
Even my wife was OK with my choice of attire when she finally saw me in kilt.

Wandering with grassing sheep

Weather was perfect for strains of walking up & down the hills. I have read that kilt jackets are not meant for closing, but I go for practicality and when the weather is breezy I find my "portly" closing quite handy. For details see an old post on my kilt jacket: link

HRH Prince Charles looks stunning in kilt! I have pinned a few pics of Gentlemen in kilt at Pinterest: link


  1. You look just as good as Charles and so does the scenery. Scandanavia is on my bucket list but the bucket seems to be getting bigger and bigger!
    All the best,
    Ian Guild