21 Jul 2016

Vintage 1930s/40s boating blazer from Arthur Shepherd, Cambridge

I love the colourful sports blazers that have been a part of British Summer scene for more than a hundred years. For me the striped boating blazer is quintessential British; I had to have one in my wardrobe - and preferably a really old piece.

I recently acquired this old sports jacket via Ebay; it was dirty, smelly and had a few moth holes and stains at the back, but still a marvelous piece from Gentleman’s Outfitter Arthur Shepherd, Trinity Street, Cambridge.

At the 12th Chap Olympiad, Bedford Square, London. Wearing the striped boating blazer, white linen trousers (1939 vintage), white shirt and detachable bow tie collar (Darcy Clothing) and white brogues from Doucal’s.
(Photo by my chum Mikkel Mastek)

After a gentle hand washing and some ironing the blazer looks and smells (!) a lot better; the cream woolen fabric has a lovely hue and the traditional red, yellow and blue stripes are bright. 
Three golden brass buttons (from Arthur Shepherd, but might not be original to the jacket), no vents, non-structured, no lining, patch breast pocket, soft wool Flannel fabric: all-in-all a true classic sports blazer – just like my 1932 Cambridge Sports jacket

Vintage 1930s/40s striped boating blazer from Arthur Shepherd, Cambridge

The jacket originally belonged to a G. Pring, but I cannot find any recollections of who this Gentleman was and which team, college or club he belonged to.

The Ebay seller dates the jacket to 1930s/40s which seem like a fair assumption looking at the construction and the handmade.

I have pinned a few photos of striped sports blazers at Pinterest: link

The Arthur Shepherd store in Trinity Street, Cambridge looks quite nice in pictures and I would love to visit the store and Cambridge. I love these old stores of independent Gentleman’s outfitters like you also see a few of at Jermyn Street, London.
At the time G. Pring bought this jacket I imagine he would have wavered between visiting the two Outfitters both present in Oxford and Cambridge: Arthur Shepherd and E.C.Devereux. Imagine that!

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  1. Blazer: Trinity College, Cambridge.

  2. Confirmed: here's the matching tie: