31 Aug 2016

Polo match - Morning Suit and Top hat

The Polo sport in Denmark is still quite insignificant as we only have a single Polo club and very few people who actually pick up the mallet and play Polo.
So naturally only few Polo matches take place in Denmark; but recently in one of the most beautiful of venues and on one of the last Summer days a match between Denmark and Sweden took place.
I dusted of the old Topper and the cashmere stripes and brought the Mrs. ..

Sporting my vintage 1930s morning suit with a black waistcoat, a white shirt with detachable wing collar (from Darcy Clothing) and a repp stripe Burgundy silk tie from Purdey's

17 Aug 2016

A Prince of Wales Glen Plaid Two-piece Suit with blue Windowpanes

An all time favourite of mine is the beautiful Prince of Wales or Glen Plaid check, so when I first laid my eyes on this suit I immediately fell in love. The colours are quite nice and especially the sky-blue window pane looks fabulous.
Furthermore the suit is bespoke made by a true craftsman, which you can see in the cut, how the canvassing and the lapels are done and the details of the handmade buttonholes.
All tailor labels have sadly been removed. Based on the the fabric and the slim cut I estimate the suit to be of the 1960s.
The fabric is medium to heavy weight and great for all year in Denmark except for the Summer.

I like to wear plain blue shirts with this suit: blue to catch and enhance the hue from the windowpanes and plain as the check pattern itself does not call for more disturbances from stripes, checks or other patterns in shirt and tie.

wearing my two-piece POW check suit, a light blue Stenström's shirt (to match the blue windowpanes), a blue, whitedotted, handrolled Shantung Grenadine tie from Drakes London. Dark Oak Cheaney & Son brogue shoes.

3 Aug 2016

Houndstooth Check suit from bespoke tailors Meyer &Mortimer

My sartorial adventures have lead me pass many tailors but my favourite suits are all from military outfitters and bespoke tailors Meyer & Mortimer of Sackville Street, London.
This lovely two-piece houndstooth check suit was made in 1973 - commisioned by a British Major. A very versatile suit that I use for both office attire and leisure.

Grey Houndstooth Check suit