31 Aug 2016

Polo match - Morning Suit and Top hat

The Polo sport in Denmark is still quite insignificant as we only have a single Polo club and very few people who actually pick up the mallet and play Polo.
So naturally only few Polo matches take place in Denmark; but recently in one of the most beautiful of venues and on one of the last Summer days a match between Denmark and Sweden took place.
I dusted of the old Topper and the cashmere stripes and brought the Mrs. ..

Sporting my vintage 1930s morning suit with a black waistcoat, a white shirt with detachable wing collar (from Darcy Clothing) and a repp stripe Burgundy silk tie from Purdey's

I wanted to dress properly for the occasion, so I dressed in my vintage 1930s Morning Suit. I went for a black waistcoat to simplify the ensemble colourwise - the colourful waistcoats seem more appropriate for weddings and other such festivities. An alternative to the black could be my dove grey double breasted waistcoat.
The shirt is a plain white cotton collarless shirt with double cuffs - worn with a a deep high wing stiff collar. 
The Top hat is a 1930s Austin Reed in mint condition.
When going for a walk in the city or stand at the race course I like to wear spats and going for a more subtle look at this event I chose my dove grey linen spats over the more ostentatious white. 
The silk tie is the splash of colour in this ensemble and I thought my Burgundy Repp stripe tie from Purdey's just perfect.

Prior to the match watching the hoofed creatures. In the horizon we see the Sound.

My wife and I brought a Picnic Basket with the esssential Champagne, sandwiches and crisps. And a couple of beach chairs; to make a day of the event.
It turned out that I was the only gentleman sporting a morning suit and topper and caught some attention from the other spectators -friendly comments, applauds and photo requests; very nice indeed. On the female side more women sported the classic broad-brimmed hats and high heels

It is quite fascinating to see the collaboration between man and horse during the game

Kokkedal Slot is a country house in the Northern part of Zealand; a beautiful venue with a grand park, a golf course and a view over the Sound. The building is from 1866, but built in a much earlier style inspired by Dutch Renaissance. Inside all rooms and interiours have been renovated so nothing left of the original rooms; still a beautiful venue for weddings and events like this 

Bentleys parked in the front lawn of Kokkedal Slot
I have gathered a few pins at Pinterest of Gentlemen at the racecourse for your inspiration

Gentlemen at the race course

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