18 Sep 2016

Morning Stroller Suit for a Sunday walk in the city

The weather has turned more September-like and once again it is time to wear the Morning Stroller suit and Homburg hat. The black single breasted jacket, black waistcoat, wingcollar and white-dotted blue bowtie are perfect attire for a Sunday stroll in the city; on paved streets, parks and museums.

A lazy stroll in the city includes breaks on benches - enjoying the present

Passing by the old building from 1434, which was part of a Monastery prior to the Reformation.

We visited the local museumwhich has a permanent exhibition of a local Bourgois home from early 20th Century: the family residence of Barrister Paul Buhl and his wife Johanne. In 1919 the couple inherited from her father a large art collection including 48 original etchings of Rembrandt van Rijn. Johanne Buhl donated the collection to the museum in 1971. This museum apartement has always been a favourite spot of mine. 

At the museum

Homburg and silver knobbed walking cane in the hallway
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