21 Oct 2016

The Covert Coat - in the City

The Covert Coat was originally a short topcoat worn for hunting and riding, but it also already in Edwardian times became part of the City Gent's wardrobe.
Signature features of this versatile jacket are four (sometimes five) lines of stitching at the cuffs and hem, notched lapels, flap pockets and a centre vent. The traditional colours are greenish-tan-brown-fawnish - some say to better conceal squirts of mud from hunting and riding others that the drivers wearing covert coats during a hunt were more visible for the guns.

My Covert Coat from Hackett London has all these features.
And a perfect match for a navy three-piece city suit.

Wearing the Covert Coat as a topcoat over my vintage 1967 bespoke by Gieves navy pinstripe three-piece suit

The Covert coat is perfect for Autumn in the city - not as heavy, warm and long as the Melton, the Chesterfield or my 1940s DB. Fits elegantly and tailored over a three-piece suit.

Here I wear the Covert coat with a navy suit, oxblood shoes, english tan gloves, a sturdy brown stick umbrella and a Homburg hat.
Another classic look would be a charcoal suit, black shoes, a slim black tube umbrella and a Bowler hat - for such a combination I would probably opt for a pair of green gloves.

Walking in the rainy and stormy city of Aarhus, Denmark

Brown velvet collar on the Covert coat - some saying a tradition started in the 19th century to protect the coat from grease from the fashionable long hair; other saying a tradition started amongst nobility in the aftermath of the French Revolution in remembrance of the guillotined fellow peers.

Hackett London - a well tailored Covert Coat



  1. Greetings Lasse from Melbourne!! A covert coat is on my bucket list, probably the last major item of clothing I will buy when next in London. Are they reasonably warm?
    Best wishes, Ian

    1. Hi Ian, and thank you! The Covert coat is OK warm - for Scandinavian conditions not warm enough for Winter over a city suit I would say, but as topcoat over tweed fine also for Winter cold weather. Many use the Covert not as a top coat over a suit jacket, but directly over a shirt. And then it is not much warmer than a suit jacket. In my opinion :-) Cheers Lasse