12 Nov 2016

The British Warm - in the countryside

The British Warm. .. perfect for the colder weather as Winter is soon upon us.The British Warm was introduced in 1914 by the Scottish company, Crombie, as a Greatcoat for British officers during WWI. Made in heavy Melton in a taupe colour; slightly shaped and cut in a lenght that still revealed part of the jodhpurs or breeches over the field boots.

Dressed for a walk in the village - British Warm and Tweeds

The British Warm is a classic warm overcoat to be worn over a suit or odd jacket; quite versatile as it looks great both in the countryside over tweed or in the city over a worsted suit.
Since the coat is cut over the knees it allows me to wear breeches or plus-fours; like today dressed for pursuits in and about the village in tweed plus-fours, shooting socks, odd jacket over a Fair-isle knit pullover and a tweed cap

The British Warm is a perfect match for Tweed. Cap from TheTitfer

The coat is warm and comforting - especially with the collar raised embracing your neck.

Single vented; collar raised to warm the neck.

More inspiration for your British Warm at Pinterest

HRH Prince Charles looking dapper as always in his British Warm

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