5 Mar 2017

Dress boots from Carmina Shoemakers

I acquired this beautiful pair of austerity brogue dress boots from Carmina Shoemaker as part of an Made To Order group.
The boot is made on the sleek Alcudia last; single leather soles; and four pairs of speed hooks.

The boot is quite suitable for interchanging with the usual black Oxfords during the colder months; for office attire and for the formal daywear - stroller and morning suit.

Austerity brogue boots from Carmina Shoemaker

I find the boots quite comfortable; the support and warmth to the ancles is soothing,even though for comfort I still prefer regular Oxfords and spats.
To me the boot looks especially elegant when worn with trousers with turnups.

First outing for my new boots - morning suit and tophat

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