My name is Lasse Hedensted; I was born and live in Denmark with my family. I have a passion for vintage Gentleman's clothing, goodyear welted shoes and exquisite trimmings.

I started building my wardrobe based on a vintage 1960s chalkstripe suit and a pair of classic goodyear welted black Oxford shoes from Cheaney & sons in the Summer of 2012.
The suit was my first encounter with a real tailormade suit made from proper cloth and with craftsmanship; I was stunned - the colour of the fabric, the weave, the quality was not like anything I had surpassed before. There was no turning back - I never since entered a Danish high street store looking for clothes or shoes for myself.

I started this blog first and foremost for my own recollection; I wanted a place to write down findings, thoughts, and pictures of my attire. The title basically says it all: the attire chronicles records the building up of a Gentleman's wardrobe over time; item by item acquired.
But I also wanted to share findings and hopefully inspire other chap's to dress more gentlemanly; I chose to write my ramblings in English to include fellow-minded chaps worldwide. And I am happy to see visitors actually do drop by from locations all over - USA, UK and Germany being the most frequent foreign visitors.

My daughter Alma, my son Asger, my spouse Camilla and I

My suits, odd jackets and trousers are almost all vintage - many purchased from online Gentleman's outfitters like Savvy Row, the past Bookster, Hogspear etc.; some in various stores in London.

A vintage chalkstripe two-piece SB suit was the first item in my Gentleman's wardrobe  

On this blog you will find almost weekly posts on different wardrobe items; a link to my Twitter profile; a page with an overview of items in my wardrobe (still not complete); a page with photo's of my attire at the office (in my civil life I work with IT support at an international Danish company called JYSK); and finally a page of a few items I put up for sale as they did not fit into my wardrobe anyway.

Enjoy reading and looking at the pictures!
Questions and comments are welcome - you can email me at haethaenstat@gmail.com

Lasse Hedensted
...Haethaenstat is the anno 1297 spelling of my family name

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