When in India

A friend of mine is going to India for a stay; this Sunday I had fun pretending to prepare my wardrobe for an imaginary trip to India to visit him.
An imaginary trip I would expect included spending time in clubs, at the race course, in the Cricket and the Polo fields etc. sipping champagne at the verandahs.
Much inspired by the lovely pictures from HRH the Prince of Wales' visit to India in 1921 (see some pins at Pinterest)

Part one, the informal wear.

Cricket - cream flannels and cotton shirt
Riding - Pith helmet, Bush jacket and riding breeches
Day wear - navy Blazer, linen trousers and Pith helmet
Day wear - linen suit and umbrella

Part two, the formal wear:

Morning suit - black coat and topper
Morning suit - grey coat and topper

Evening tails - white tie
Dinner suit - black tie

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